Political Betting Sites For USA Players

Political CharacterFans of sports betting have a whole lot to choose from. From the big American sports like football and basketball to international sports like soccer and cricket, there's a sport out there for all comers. There are even niche sports, too, if you're so inclined. You can bet on Olympic games, snooker, darts, and so much more. And believe it or not, you can even bet on the outcome of political elections.

Betting on politics is perfectly legal in the United States. The laws on the books currently don't allow betting sites to open up shops on US soil, but there are no laws that specifically make the act of betting illegal.

It might sound a bit crazy at first, but at Political Betting Sites, we're here to act as your go-to resource, helping you to navigate the lines and odds and select the winning candidate. While your vote may matter in a patriotic sense, your bet can matter in a financial sense. With the right information on political betting, you can make this next election a lucrative one.

Best Political Betting Sites For USA Players

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Betonline 25% Max $1000 5 Star Rating USA Accepted
Bovada 50% Max $250 5 Star Rating USA Accepted
Sportsbetting 25% Max $1000 4.5 Star Rating USA Accepted

What Is Political Betting?

For many people unfamiliar with all the ins and outs of gambling, the fact that one can bet on politics comes as a bit of a surprise. But just like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors' odds to win an NBA Championship, you can find politicians with different odds to win a variety of races. Throughout our literature, we'll be focusing primarily on the presidential race, as that's the biggest race going. But also understand that you can bet on local elections, the House and Senate elections, the UK's political races, etc. You're basically looking here to place wagers on which politician you feel will win his or her respective election. This sort of format and gambling are a match made in heaven.

As we will discuss in more detail below, there are a few different types of lines on which you can bet, and a few prop wagers that might interest some.

Betting on the Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election

As we discuss here openly, the Democratic Party has had the popular vote in America since the 1990s. But in no way is that set in stone. Betting on the 2016 Presidential election is not as simple as choosing the most popular party. You have to understand, as Al Gore had to once learn, that the popular vote isn't enough to win election. The President of the United States of America is elected by winning the most electoral votes. Electoral votes are given to states one per one million residents, and what this does is ensure that a popular vote in, say, California has more sway than a popular vote in New Hampshire. So it's a matter of figuring out which candidate will do well in which state(s) before you put your money down. When you're betting on which candidate will win the presidency, you want to look for things like which candidate is polling the best in which states. For example, while Hillary Clinton for the Democrats might be earning some big popular vote numbers, Donald Trump for the Republicans may be earning more state support in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and other swing states. Winning the states is what matters, so this is what a gambler needs to focus on.

Betting on Who Will Win the Republican Nomination

The Republican race is essentially narrowed down to a three-person race now, which is a far cry from the dozen-plus with which it started. Other than Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, there's not another candidate within shouting distance. So, the first thing you need to consider is dumping your hopes of a huge underdog like Carson or Fioriana somehow surging to victory. It is not going to happen, at least when viewed through a historical lens. Once politicians are buried in primaries, they have never fought back to win in over 230 years of trying. So a pro-tip to use here: Stick with the front-runners in the Republican Primary race. The man out in front now is Trump, but you will want to keep your eyes on the many different primary events they hold. The Republicans, like the Democrats, are fighting for delegates. Keep your eyes peeled for which politician is racking up the delegates. This will let you know on whom to place your money. And in the event you're not sold on an outright winner, you can always look for the proposition bet angle, which we will discuss below in more detail. Check out our page about betting on the Republican nomination.

Betting on Who Will Win the Democratic Nomination

When betting on the Democratic Primary, things seem, at least at the moment, to be a little more cut and dry. Obviously you want to keep up with the races and see which candidate is doing well in which states, but it's currently Hillary Clinton's race to lose. She's facing off against Bernie Sanders, who is like John McCain only claiming socialism. He's an old white man, and they haven't done well since Bush I won the presidency in 1988. But when betting on Clinton, or if you're going another way, it's still important to take note of your odds and the lines available at the sportsbook in question. You will still want to find favorable odds and to go with a line that's going to pay off well. For instance, if you check out sportsbook A and it has Clinton at -400, and sportsbook B has Clinton at -275, you're far better off taking the lower number. And before you get locked in, you also need to keep your eyes peeled for any controversies. Speaking of McCain, it was the '08 collapse that derailed him, and that's the only reason we even know Obama's name. It's not beyond possibility for something similar to happen to Clinton and for Sanders to end up winning the nomination. So the idea here is to not bet too early; allow things to unfold first.

The Legality of Betting Politics in the USA

The act of betting money on politicians is considered gambling. It is considered pure chance, not skill. Yes, even if you bet on politicians like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum to lose, which isn't really left to chance at all, it's still considered to be gambling. Therefore, the legality of political betting is drawn into question. Well, let's make it very easy to understand here. If you want to bet on politics and gamble in this genre, it is legal for you to do so. You simply have to find a site that accepts your action and is legally licensed (outside of the USA; e.g. an offshore site). There are no laws against you gambling, you just need to find a reputable sportsbook that is licensed in a country that has legalized online gambling.

The laws against gambling in the USA have to do with offering gambling as a business and accepting money for wagers. If you're simply gambling with your own money on your personal time, this is legal. However, some of the politicians in this year's presidential election would like nothing more than for gambling to be legal across the board. Though for right now, you're free to gamble where you can find a home.

We have a page that will specifically answer the question, "Is betting on politics legal in the United States?" We will cover exactly which laws apply to sports betting in the US, and how each law comes into play when betting on politics.

Is Political Betting Similar to Sports Betting?

As we alluded to above, political betting is considered legitimate gambling; and not only gambling, but it also falls in the sports betting category. Sure, politics is far from a sport, though most would liken politics to a game of some sorts. If you can forgive the cynicism, imagine a sporting league where every player had some dirty secret and was scrupulous in the chase for a title. Politics is a very dirty genre of western life, and while this is why most people are turned off from the goings-on in political circles, it's precisely what makes politics a great "sport" on which to bet. If you can imagine every candidate like a team and the presidency the championship, it's easy to see that the act of betting on a winner becomes indiscernible from a sport. And just to reiterate, this sport is legal for you to bet on. You simply have to find a great offshore site that will accept your action.

Without taking sides one way or the other, we can tell you that politics is a dirty game. The proof is on the record ad nauseum. So when seeking to bet politics, we hope you can remove yourself from your affiliation and bet based on which bet will give you the win, not which ideology you want to see in power.

Different Types of Political Bets You Can Make

In the world of political betting, there are two main types of lines on which you can place your money. You have political futures, and you have the moneyline bets. Outside of that, you can find some sites offering proposition bets.

Political Future Bets

Political futures are essentially the first real odds released. For instance, you might see a site that says something to the effect of: Hillary 4:1; Trump 6:1; Rubio 12:1; Huckabee 40:1; Sanders 40:1; etc. This is a very easy line to read. Use that 1 on the end to guide you. For every $1 bet, you get the amount of the first number. For instance, 6:1 means $1 gets you $6. Futures can be lucrative, but they're also inherently risky.

Moneyline Bets

Moneylines in politics are no different from moneylines with any other sports betting structure. This is where you might see a line like Donald Trump -200; Marco Rubio +275. In essence, Trump is the favorite here, and it would take you a bet of $2 to win every $1. With Rubio, however, being the underdog in this equation, every bet of $1 will win you $2.75. The moneylines listed above are not the accurate lines for this year's elections. These lines are strictly meant to be an example.

Prop Bets

Lastly, you will be able to find some prop bets with some sportsbooks. These are bets that are typically removed from the outcome. For instance, in a D vs. R presidential election, you will be able to bet on which candidate carries a state like Ohio or Florida, or which will have more popular votes rather than electoral votes. Prop bets are something you may be able to find year-'round when dealing with politics. From the types of legislation signed into action to a politician's popularity rating, there's always a prop out there on which you can bet.